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sabor cubano pamphlet


create a pamphlet for the restaurant, Sabor Cubano. Incorporate bright and warm colors of the Cuban flag such as red, blue, and white.  

showcase mouthwatering images of Chef Carlos's signature dishes. Use high-quality photos with close-ups of the details to make the food visually enticing. 

include a section about the chef, Carlos Rodriguez


1 day

programs used:

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

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company description:

We make textbooks for learning cinematography. We stand out because of our availability. Our target audience is women. We want to convey a sense of power, while at the same time being lively.

job description:

You must create a website that will mainly spread brand awareness. The goal is to emphasize the brand's values. Besides the landing page, the website will need an About page, a product page, and a privacy policy page. The landing page should have an Our Values section. There should be a call to action to get users to view the catalog. They would prefer a trendy design and would like you to use the brand color, which is orange. Take into account the client's preferences and values.

*sticker sheet is updated with buttons and new logo

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updated existing pages

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last updated: 1/25/24


unsplash credits:

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Photo by lingda kong on Unsplash

Photo by Alex D. on Unsplash